A new year is already moving along. I'm booking gigs if you are able to have entertainment. 

Just to refresh you on what I'm providing, here are my January options. 

Facilities that have a way to allow "singing" in their buildings, I will be presenting my scheduled 

theme of "Reminiscing Musicals". It is filled with wonderful songs such as "Beauty and the Beast", 

"Heillo Dolly" and many other timeless favorites. 

Becoming popular if you can have music, but no singing, is the Lip Sync option. The songs  

are taken from albums I have recorded and I play my guitar along while mouthing the words. 

If by chance we have a day that the temperature reaches 45 degrees or over I am willing to sing outdoors for a  

 "Bundle Up" concert. For this i will not be playing guitar, but will be singing with back up tracs. 

Of course if you can not have anyone in the building, but have the ability to broadcast youtube 

videos, my public domain concert "Keep It Simple", is another way to spread a little cheer. You may  

call or email me for an invoice that I will send to you to fill out, return, then I will send the link to you promptly. (Fee is $100)


 For outdoor concerts I have equipment capable of reaching a 100 feet long distance and 5 stories high. There is NO personal contact and it is all done outside. If you have a building that has electrical outlets outside and the ability for me to access different areas of the building, this will work for you. Facilities are looking at their buildings and thinking of how they could be divided  in sections. 

Example: front of building and back of building would be two sections or one section would consist of an area of 100 feet long. 

I am able to do at least two sections a day. 


Mary Hall's Mailing List

Mary Hall's Mailing List

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An accomplished guitarist with a vocal range of three octaves, Mary Hall incorporates a wide variety of musical styles from the early days up to modern day favorites.  Whether the audience wants to join in or just listen, Mary Hall is sure to please. 

Every year Mary Hall offers quarterly program themes for those who wish to schedule multiple yearly engagements.

Monthly, holiday and specialty programs are available upon request.



1st Qtr: Reminiscing Musicals

2nd Qtr: Rembemering Patsy

3rd Qtr: My Favorite Tunes

4the Qtr: Bluerass Festival