Such good news! March is right around the corner. Many places are now able to have  

solo artists (of which I am ) inside their facilities. As always, I comply with the necessary 

precautions for each place I perform at. I am offering a program for "St.Patrick's Day" or 

"Easter" as well as my 1st quarter theme of "Reminiscing Musicals" for those who are able to have 

live singing or singing for a live broadcasting camera. A lip sync program is also available.. 

New to the option list, as requested, is another Public Domain Youtube Video "A Little This & That". 

You may also still request the first video, "Keep It Simple" . $100 for either one. 

To use either video simply email or call for an invoice. 

When I receive the signed invoice I will send you the link. 

Keep in mind the idea of an Outdoor concert as the weather gets over 45 degrees. 

I am scheduling through the rest of the year. If you have a date to fill I'd love to fill it for you. 


Mary Hall's Mailing List

Mary Hall's Mailing List

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An accomplished guitarist with a vocal range of three octaves, Mary Hall incorporates a wide variety of musical styles from the early days up to modern day favorites.  Whether the audience wants to join in or just listen, Mary Hall is sure to please. 

Every year Mary Hall offers quarterly program themes for those who wish to schedule multiple yearly engagements.

Monthly, holiday and specialty programs are available upon request.



1st Qtr: Reminiscing Musicals

2nd Qtr: Rembemering Patsy

3rd Qtr: My Favorite Tunes

4the Qtr: Bluerass Festival