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Professional singer and accomplished guitarist,

Mary Hall delights audiences of every generation with a broad spectrum

of musical genres that encompasses a vast repertoire of songs

- over 700 hundred!





               Covid 19                                Outdoor Concert!

 I have been doing outdoor concerts. 

I have equipment capable of reaching a 150 feet long distance and 5 stories high. There is NO personal contact and it is all done outside. If you have a building that has electrical outlets outside and the ability for me to access different areas of the building, this will work for you. Facilities are looking at their buildings and thinking of how they could be divided  in sections. 

Example: front of building and back of building would be two sections or one section would consist of an area of 150 feet long. 

I am able to do at least two sections a day. 

If this is an option for you please let me know as soon as possible while we have great weather coming our way.