At Christmas Time

Mary Hall

Mary Hall features familiar and not so familar songs for the holidays. Included is her very own title song "At Christmas Time". Her rich, soothing vocals lure you in to a relaxing mood just right for this joyous time of year.

Finally a Christmas Album! For many years people have suggested that I record a Holiday album. Well, a few years ago I wrote the song "At Christmas Time" and began performing it at my concerts. Many began asking where they could purchase a copy. That was the fuel I needed to get the project underway. After much consideration as to where to record this album, I became aware of "Abacus Studios" which has led to a long lasting friendship with owner Shawn Sweeny. Finding time in both our schedules to record was a trying process. What I hoped would be a completed project in a few months, turned out to be a few years. Each time we got together, we perfected the songs we had worked on during our last meeting. Who would know that one line could take hours of work! With the help of Shawn's great knack of putting in just the right instrumentation and his superb musical abilities we arrived at some very nice arrangements. (Shawn is featured on Warm & Fuzzy/Winter Wonderland). As time went on I was becoming more comfortable with my personal recording equipment and began learning the art of working the panel, mixing and mastering. A very stretching but rewarding experience. I am happy to have "miowne studios". There were still a few songs that I wanted to include but did not feel like I could achieve exactly what I was hoping for. I turned to my long time multi-talented friend Joe Baker with "Cloverdale Studios". With his musical expertise, input and great ideas, the album became exactly what I was hoping it would; one of great versatility. It is with great excitement that I am able to present this album to the public. Hopefully those who hear it will find it joyful, playful and timely for the season. Most importantly I hope that above all else the true meaning of the season will come through. For without the fact that Jesus came to earth as a human baby there would be no reason for the songs or celebration. May this album bring you great happiness and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ not only at Christmas time but all through the year.
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