Mary Hall

Truthful, moving songs, sung by one of the best vocalist you'll ever hear.

It is true that Mary Hall is not a common household name when it comes to famous singers. Dispite that she is one of the best you will ever encounter. Her soothing voice takes you "in" on each song and you know she believes the words of what she sings. Those who have had the pleasure to hear her will agree that this album is one everyone should have in their collection. If you want to be inspired, lifted up, or just enjoy the marvelous arrangements of some fabulous Christian songs, this is it! Mary's journey as a musical artist started several years ago. Spending several years travelingas a solo entertainer in nightclubs left a void in her life. Offers for recording with well known companies were coming her way but at the same time she was realizing that the most important offer was within reach. That of making a commitment to become a follower of Jesus. With this new decision, Mary Hall, who at the time was known as "Mary Ann", left the music business temporarily. A few short years later she was back. Only this time catering her music to the Christian audiance. Now a mother of two, traveling was not an option in her opinion so she has kept her travels to a minimum focusing on the local area in which she calls home. The album "Reality" really began when Mary wrote the title song and realized the great possibilities that are available to all who call Jesus their Lord. All the other songs on this album center around that one outstanding truth "All things are possible" because of God's great love and grace.

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